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TenderLovingHair was founded in 2006 by Wendy Bevan, who has been a stylist in Whatcom County for the last twenty-five years. Years ago, one of her clients developed a brain tumor and Wendy wanted to help her. First there was the scar to deal with, and then as this young girl was withdrawing from her friends and social events, not wanting to wear the wig, it seemed important to help her feel more comfortable with the wig. Wendy was able to French braid the wig and trim it to look like her hair had before the cancer. This made a big difference in how this girl felt about this experience and this time in her life.

This experience profoundly affected Wendy and led her to seek to help more individuals affected by cancer and its associated treatments. Eventually, Wendy realized that there was no formal list of volunteers that patients could receive complimentary services from. Seeing the need, Wendy felt that there were more individuals who would volunteer their services to patients facing the challenges of cancer.

After the initial response Wendy received as a result of her inquiries, she realized that a formal organization was needed. TenderLovingHair was the name Wendy created, and the organization is working to better organize and connect stylists and patients, as well as to provide information on support services available to all individuals affected by cancer, both directly and indirectly.

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