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TenderLovingHair, a non-profit association, was formed in 2006. For over twenty five years, Wendy, a hair stylist in Bellingham, WA, has provided complimentary services to cancer patients dealing with hair loss and wig design/care in Whatcom County, WA. TenderLovingHair was created as a result of the need for these services.

TenderLovingHair provides services to a greater number of patients. This is being accomplished by:

1. Maintaining an informational website to support and educate patients about the physical and emotional challenges associated with hair loss during cancer treatment.
2. Directing patients to participating hairdressers.
3. Providing training and resources for participating stylists.
4. Developing partnerships with wig suppliers to provide various hair choices.

Funding is provided by donation from the general public and the business community.

Each person dealing with the health challenges of cancer faces the emotional, physical and financial effects of the treatment. TenderLovingHair provides support for cancer patients throughout this sensitive time.
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